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Choosing a place to live, whether buying or renting, can be hard for someone who doesn’t know this Country. We can assist you on the specifics:

  • Selecting the location that suits best your needs and those of your household;
  • Procuring the best deal;
  • Contracting.

And much, much more.

Our Services

Sara Galis

Founder and General Manager

Our Approach

It is all about knowing who you are and understanding your needs: yours and those of the ones coming with you.

  1. Are you coming to live alone?

  2. Household particular wishes?

  3. What comes first? Location? Space? Favourite site?

  4. Home or investment? Renting?

  5. What’s your budget?

Your needs, wishes and maybe dreams, plus local knowledge and experience – a firm path to simplicity. No worries!

Unit procurement, co-visiting and contracting

Knowing what’s essential for you and your priorities, we will prepare a portfolio of available units. This portfolio typically includes 3 to 5 properties. Our team will schedule the visits and will accompany you. When you finally choose the right one we will assist the negotiation and take care of contracting. Remember that in Portugal business is conducted in Portuguese. You can require translations, we will do them for you.

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Furnishing and equipment

You want it out of the box, you will do it alone or you just need us to point some directions?

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Setting up your house; water supply, energy, gas, cable tv, wifi, you name it.

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Cleaning or butler services. We partner with professional service providers and guarantee level of service; quality and tranquility.

Public facilities and education and free time for children

We can walk you through the basics, and arrange meetings with different institutions.

Maintenance and other technical services

What if something doesn’t work? What if you have to go abroad for a long period of time? Who will take care of everything while you’re gone?


Receiving, placing, unpacking your stuff before arrival or sending everything back to you if you have to leave definitely.

Divestment and assets export to origin

Receiving, placing, unpacking your stuff before arrival or sending everything back to you if you have to leave definitely.

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