Legal Assistance

Welcome to Portugal partners with law offices that can represent clients on any legal process.

Buying property in Portugal, or dealing with something that requires signing a contract, even if it’s not mandatory, we advise our clients to hire legal assistance. The law may not require a formal representation, but having a lawyer on your side increases the certainty of every step you take.

There are contracts to be signed, licenses to be granted, all documents must be compliant, and many legal procedures must be registered within the respective public organisations.

Welcome to Portugal has the means to deal with standard processes without having to hire a lawyer. But if something appears to have a higher complexity degree, your safeguarding and tranquillity will recommend hiring one of its partners.

Real Estate

All actions related to the transfer of property must be subject to public legal acts or public registration. In some cases, these acts require the intervention of notaries or lawyers.

For these acts to happen, it is essential to have the legal documents attesting that the asset meets the necessary conditions to be transacted.

All properties must have a Housing Permit, some require a Housing Technical Sheet, and in some cases other documents essential if you want to rent or live in that property.

Regardless of the type of property you intend to buy or rent, whether it is new, renovated or still in the design stage, having a lawyer might be essential as there are documents that need verification.

Although many of the contracts used in these types of transactions are typically uniform, in the case of, for example, the acquisition of a property that is still under construction, it is essential to ensure the safeguard for the buyer of different types of risks, such as those related with the technical project completion of the property or the urbanisation, as well as deadlines fulfilment and other conditions that the buyer may have negotiated before the purchase decision.


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Choosing a place to live, whether buying or renting, can be hard for someone who doesn’t know this Country.

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Real Estate


Some displacements might be associated with investment decisions.

Required proceedings might recommend legal assistance and, of course, the Welcome to Portugal expertise as presented in the “Financial” section.



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